I’m many things, as most people are, but what I have come to appreciate most about myself over the years is my ability to overcome life’s challenges and find the all-important lessons, and the ability to find humor in those challenges.  Yes, I’m one of those people that finds humor in the absurd, the disgusting, and even in my own sad experiences.  Life, really, is too short, and face it, it’s just too damn hard to cry all the time.  There are still many things in this world that make me angry and hurt my soul, but the intent of this blog is to bring some happiness and hilarity into my life and hopefully, into yours as well. 

Every day brings new experiences, some more challenging than others, but the challenges are what make great stories.  I hope you find meaning or some shared experiences in my writing.

Keep in mind that we may not have the same slightly warped (okay, mostly warped) sense of humor, so if this site offends you in any way, please respectfully exit. 

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