Starting My Blog

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Someone recently asked me if I planned to only write about Lemon, my dog.  The answer is no, but I should explain why. 

The experience of adopting and living with a dog has evoked many memories, forgotten life experiences, and lessons.  Dogs—any animal for that matter—have a strange way of doing that to a person.  It was not my intent to only write about Lemon when I thought about starting a blog.  Lemon’s adoption just happened to coincide with many challenges and changes in my life and the development of my blog website.

This, of course, does not mean that she has not been my inspiration, my writing muse if you will.  I give Lemon full credit for allowing me to hide my budding writing skills behind her funny dog antics.

I came up with the name for this website in the shower while shampooing my hair and running descriptive words through my mental thesaurus.  Things have a strange way of happening while shampooing my hair in the shower, like the DC earthquake of 2011.  I had been struggling for weeks to come up with a name that would symbolize the goal of my writing and photos, and it finally came to me.

“Leash” and “lens” are metaphors.  A leash can simply be a line that is fastened to a pet.  In the title of my blog, it implies that we are also tethered, connected to things, ideas, and experiences.  “Lens” is associated with my amateur photography skills, but it also implies visual acuity, as well as the ability to view life beyond its hardships.  So, I think of this blog as a cocktail of life… with a twist of Lemon, of course.  I will incorporate this post into my “About” page, but I wanted my followers (the few, the mighty) to read it first.

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